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Yesterday's people and faith encourage today's strength and vision
ReflectivelyYOURS is a family business that traces its roots back to January 25, 1937 when "Grampa Vick" launched his successful mail order business. Unlike the speed of today's internet and email, "Grampa" (with a lot of help from "Grandma Esther") built his business around a 160 page catalog printed on heavy "acid free" paper (very expensive) plus full dependency upon very slow and inefficient global mail systems. His ads, illustrations and catalog have been featured in books about advertising and he has left behind a personal legacy in living and marketing excellence. In fact, his 1959 catalog is within easy reach of my desk and overflows with many creative ideas. It is an honor, joy and challenge to tap into this treasure trove of my father's genius, unlock its secrets and update his ideas of a time past while retaining his integrity and business values that have stood the test of time.

We started our first lettering and graphics business in 1985 to address the need for personalized products. More recently, we launched ReflectivelyYOURS to focus on the combined elements of the "Visibility", "Personalization" and "Safety" factors of our product offerings. Today, most of our products are available with "Kaleidoscope" prisms for colorful highlights or "Reflective" 3M ScotchLITE
for added safety when cars approach with their lights on.

We seek to bring high value to everything we offer by using only the finest materials and procedures.

Privately, we believe we are here to make a difference beyond our local church, school and community which is why we honor Grandma Esther & Grampa Vick by dedicating our business to the good memories and hard work they each built into their lives and ours. In their honor we commit a portion of our proceeds to their favorite Global relief ministries of TWR and Samaritan's Purse.


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