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US Air Force: Hilltop Times
Because the Air Force has lost so many airmen this year in motorcycle accidents, our Security Forces are beginning increased enforcement of Air Force instructions related to motorcycle riding. Reflective clothing: A high percentage of car-to-motorcycle accidents occur because car drivers fail to see the motorcyclist in time to avoid collision. Motorcycle instructors teach that two keys to safe operation of motorcycles are see and be seen. For this reason, the Air Force requires an upper garment (vest or jacket) that is brightly colored (or contrasting) and reflective at night be worn when riding on an Air Force installation. DOT recommends orange or other eye-catching colors for daytime use. Bright or contrasting colors improve your visibility to other drivers. When riding at night, reflective tape on helmets and clothing help improve cyclists’ visibility to other drivers. If your riding gear has retro reflective material built in, the untrained eye may miss it during the day, but it would be very evident at night. Talk with the gate officer and a simple light test can be performed to see if your gear meets the “minimum” requirements.
..."He actually came from the other lane, hit us once, barrelled right through us hit us again," recalled Coyle. Stoinoff wasn't available for comment but a friend did tell 9News Stoinoff didn't see the highway workers because they weren't wearing reflective vests and had no signs up.

Kentucky Post
Asphalt lane dividers that Newport police think may have contributed to a Monmouth Street crash that killed two Cincinnati women on Sept. 4 were replaced Saturday with a row of taller reflective plastic posts.

Slippery Rock TWP, PA
The intersection of Route 8 and Branchton Road looks different from how it appeared on July 7 when a truck-car accident killed a family of five. Red reflectors have been placed on the stop sign posts and more than 30 white reflective posts, called delineators, have been placed at the intersection to outline the turn radius, said Jim Struzzi, PennDOT’s community relations coordinator.

Recent grad injured in bike accident
A recent Ithaca College graduate is recuperating following a hit and run accident along Coddington Road last week. ... Doeffinger was transported by helicopter to Robert Packard Hospital in Sayre, Pa., with fractures and possible internal injuries. ... More than 70,000 bicyclists suffered disabling injuries from accidents in 1999, according to the National Safety Council. ... The council recommends that bicyclists wear helmets and brightly colored or reflective clothing, obey traffic laws and equip bicycles with front and rear reflectors and a headlight to stay safe.

Children in Murmansk region to wear light reflectors at night
All pre-school and school age children in Russia's Murmansk region will wear light reflecting badges. The regional traffic police hope that drivers will find it easier to spot children on the roads in the polar night, which lasts nearly three months in this city north of the Arctic Circle. Five children have been killed and 56 injured on the roads in Murmansk city in 2003 alone.


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