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Reflective Conspicuity Trailer Tape


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    3M 983 Reflective Conspicuity

    Bright - Wide Angularity - Long Life - "the best"
    DOT Certified C2 Conspicuity Tape is used for:
  • Older vehicles
  • Smaller units
  • Replacement
  • Repainted units
  • Unplanned night travel
  • Tailgater Defense
  • Reflective 3M Conspicuity tape for highway trailers, trucks and heavy equipment. Diamond Grade quality

    Don't Forget !

    Your Super Bright

    Rear Corner Kits

    3M DOT Trailer Tape Kits
    3M DOT
    2 Rear Corner Kits


    2 WHITE Corner Kits

    Free USA Shipping
    3M DOT
    6' Rear Tape Combo Kit

    6' Tape & 2 Corners
    Free USA Shipping
    3M DOT
    12' Red/Wh Tape Kit
    12' Tape
    Free USA Shipping
    3M DOT
    24' Red/Wh Tape Kit

    24' Tape
    Free USA Shipping
    Reflective US-DOT Conspicuity tape by 3M for highway trailers, trucks and heavy equipment. Diamond Grade quality 3M DOT
    48' Red/Wh Tape Kit

    48' Tape
    Free USA Shipping
    3M DOT
    100' Red/Wh Tape Kit
    100' Tape
    Free USA Shipping


    CLICK HERE for
    3M Diamond Grade
    Reflective Guardrail Tape

    Benefits you can see

  • Aggressive adhesives stand up to high-pressure washing and tough weather conditions.
  • Sub surface printing protects the red color from UV and solvents for superior durability.
  • The prismatic reflective technology provides superior nighttime reflectivity and long-distance visibility.
  • Vinyl and acrylic construction offers superior flexibility and ease of application.
  • Bright red and white provides excellent visibility even during daylight hours.

    Brief SUMMARY of Current Conspicuity Regs
  • 50% of the sides to be covered with alternating blocks of red and silver tape: minimum width of 2".
  • Full width strip of red and silver tape on rear of trailer.
  • Silver tape must be applied at the upper corners on rear of van trailers and on front bulkhead of flat trailers.
  • Tape that may not be same color as an adjacent light must be 3 inches from that light.
  • Underrides must have a strip of tape with minimum of 1.5" covering the horizontal member.

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