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Vick Lawston Laustsen memorial In Memoriam
Vick and Esther Lawston
Hello There!
My name is Vick Lawston. I've been crazy about magic illusions ever since that magician came to our school and put on an amazing magic show. Boy! Did my eyes pop when he made egg after egg roll out of that empty napkin and when he did that great mind reading act. What a day that was. "Magic" Illusions have been my hobby ever since!

And so, since 1937, Vick Lawston (accompanied by his pal "Pumpernickel") began each issue of one of the world's largest and best known catalogs of magic tricks, jokes and novelties. In fact, people still collect the catalogs and give speeches about Vick's work. Do you remember your first catalog? Did your order arrive quickly?

Well, my name is Jeff and I'm Vick's son. As a young boy and later, as a teenager, I may have opened, filled or shipped your orders. While Dad's advertising work at GE kept him away, I helped in the family business under the watchful eye of my mother, Ess. Since receiving a gift of her Vick Lawston property a few years ago, I've enjoyed the memories and am looking forward to bringing out a retro catalog and other memorabilia.

Vick's life was highly creative, multi-faceted and might fill a book of its own. Most of the art work and copy in his catalog was his own and reached into homes around the globe. At home, I was quite a handful, but today Dad's in a better place with The Lord, and I owe a debt of gratitude for the love, guidance, sacrifice and help provided by both Mom and Dad. Thanks guys. I love you Mom.

Reflectively Yours,

Historical Update
HBO and Comedy Central Salute:

HBO and Comedy Central turned The TV Wheel on a series of satirical skits starring "Vick" and Pumpernickel. This sketch/comedy/variety show was described as a cross between Laugh-In and Mystery Science Theater 3000 due to its quick comedy sketches and the gadgetry for which Joel Hodgson is well-known. The TV Wheel featured comedian Paul Feig as Vick Lawston and Hodgson as "Pumpernickel" spoofing the Vic Lawston catalog as some mail order scam in a sketch written by Hodgson himself. For the Comedy Central special, the program was shown in its entirety sans commercials as it was originally created for HBO. An additional 14-minute taped introduction ran of Pumpernickel and "Vick" (Feig) in a comical punch and counterpunch about the show.

Collectors Note: Save your old catalogs for retirement or the kids tuition. A copy of the 1940 edition sold for $175.00 in 2004.

house of 1000 mysteries catalog, vick lawston
Esther and vick Laustsen lawston memorial
House1000 mysteries catalog
Pumpernickle spoof
Get Pumpernickel's Gifts and Paraphernalia Here

Have you met my pals?

Today, Pumpernickel and Stickers spend their time with Jeff. When they're not getting into mischief, they're compiling and editing a new "Retro" Catalog which will include digital documentation of Vick's original work, copyrights, manuscripts and supplemental bulletins. Also planned are vendor and customer mail, personal and family pictures, the HBO TV video and your letters of remembrance (send 'em in now).
Copyright 2003: Original photos of historical documents from 1937 on. Published for informational purposes only. NOT in public domain. Please do not copy. Original works and authorized reproductions available by request.

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